athens greece

ioannis tzaneteas lives and works mostly in athens greece. born in the late '70s, he showed great interest in visual arts and photography at the early age of 8.

born in the 70's

his favourite passtime since childhood was to capture his personal reality without following the usual norms, always expressing his views in an extravagant and unique way, contrary to what is expected.


initially he experimented with small cameras, he later found his true calling with photography through a borrowed zenith.


he succeeded in filtering digital photography and it’s processing through digital media, giving a unique identity to his artwork.

capturing reality

exploiting the freedom of expression that the digital media makes possible, he ignored what it is perceived as everyday life, capturing reality and exposing it in a new dimension.

main axis

capturing a clear scene of everyday life by switching its dimensions is the main axis of the seminars instructed by him and what he is continually stating in personal exhibitions and art-events.

street phoptography

ioannis has been an instructor of the photography seminars at the student club of the university of athens.

trip on

he participated in many exhibitions and art projects. his main geographical areas of photo shooting have been chosen around europe, usa and india.